Ultimate Jones Act Zoom Seminar (June 29th)

Ultimate Jones Act Zoom Seminar (June 29th)

The Longshore Institute
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The Ultimate Jones Act seminar is a one-day course presented by Thomas C. Fitzhugh III. The only program that presents in a single day the most current cases and trends in seamen’s litigation. Suitable for adjusters, supervisors, attorneys, and underwriters, this program explores in detail the fallout from the Supreme Court’s decisions on vessel status, punitive damages, and maintenance & cure. In addition, attention is given to electronic discovery, use of the internet for maritime litigation purposes, changes in federal rules for pleading and maritime practice. The parameters of seamen’s status, including concurrent claims made by maritime workers for both Longshore benefits and seamen’s tort remedies. Strategies for resolving claims that involve insurance coverage including overlapping or conflicting coverage. The course will review current trends in damages, including punitive damages, for maritime personal injury suits and liens asserted for child support, third-party health care, and also present the current state of the law regarding Medicare and settlements.


“The United States Supreme Court has authorized imposition of punitive damages in suits for willful failure to pay maintenance and cure. The extent to which this decision may be used to seek punitive damages in other maritime personal injury suits, notably seamen’s actions under the general maritime law and the Jones Act, is a topic of vital importance to maritime professionals. The Supreme Court’s decisions on vessel and seaman’s status continue to reverberate through lower courts, and this seminar will explore in detail how the lower courts are applying these new definitions. This is the only one-day program devoted to seamen’s claims, damages, and defenses offered anywhere in the United States.”

The Ultimate Jones Act seminar is a one-day course presented by Thomas C. Fitzhugh III. It is designed for attorneys and insurance agents to familiarize them with the Jones Act from the perspectives of both plaintiff and defense lawyers. At the conclusion of the seminar, participants will be able to identify potential Jones Act claims and have the knowledge to investigate, defend or prosecute, and settle them on a reasonable basis. Credits are available for attorneys in states requiring CLE (includes one hour of professionalism/ethics credit). Continuing education credits are available for insurance adjusters and other professionals. Please also note that most states allow self-reporting. Those states that do not; we will report on your behalf. Per those state CLE reporting laws, please be mindful that a small fee is required. You may provide payment to them or to us; and we will forward the funds to the state on your behalf.

The specific topics that have been covered include:

  • History of the Jones Act
  • Interplay of Federal & State Remedies
  • Burden of Proof
  • Seaman’s Status
  • Damage, Maintenance, & Cure
  • What is a vessel?
  • Forum Selection – State vs. Federal
  • Persons Not Covered / Exclusions
  • Ethics & Professionalism
  • Procedure / Remand / Investigation
  • Insurance Coverage Issues
  • News Cases