Procedure Manual

The Longshore Procedure Manual

The Longshore Procedure Manual is the most thorough and informative publication on The Longshore & Harbor Workers’ Compensation Act and its extensions. Addressing subjects from jurisdiction to disability, notice to death benefits, it provides the practitioner with in-depth knowledge of how to proceed. Each subject is supported by case law and reference to the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs’ many regulations.

All the rules and procedures of the Benefits Review Board, Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, and Office of Administrative Law Judges are explained in detail with information on how to proceed in a timely and efficient manner. All current forms utilized in Longshore claims are included as an index with references to pertinent case law.

Topics covered in The Longshore Procedure Manual include:

  • Administration
  • Coverage & Reporting Requirements
  • Medical Benefits & Rehabilitation
  • Compensation
  • Disability
  • Settlements
  • Special Fund
  • Death Benefits
  • Third-Party Claims
  • Occupational Disease
  • Litigation & Attorney Fees
  • Extensions
  • LS Forms